Grim Window

by Hays Holladay

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Jon Bunger
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Jon Bunger Every track on shows Hays' mastery on vocals, rhythm and percussion by displaying such an eclectic range of styles and instruments. Each layer of sound is exquisitely placed and the range out sounds combined to complete each song creates something unique and memorable. Favorite track: Strange Tongue.
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releases January 4, 2025



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Hays Holladay Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Iguazu
Won’t you sing for your measly supper
I insist that you choose the tune
Fall in love with these photographs
I saw one day
2D tortured lifestyles


What a day for an indoor outlook
I’m not ready to bloom
Run away from these wretched lifelines
Maybe one day we’ll laugh like old times

Track Name: Victimless Crime
“What’s wrong with me” is such a white thing to say
Here come the pounding waves
At least a dozen I can see
Its just everywhere I go
People are touting their love for him
People are talking about it to death

Yeah I’m so sorry to do
What I’m probably accusing you of
I’m so sorry for you

I’m not here to beg
But what’s wrong with me is that one step ahead
Is another one of me
Its just everywhere I go
People are shouting their love for him
Painting Madonna and child and him
People are talking about it to death

I’m so sorry to do
What I’m probably accusing you of
I’m so sorry for you
Cuz I probably put you through it
I’m so sorry for you

You only shot me
Track Name: You Must Want Something
I’m not pointing but I’m looking at you
You must want something
I’m not saying that its easy to do
You must want something
Idle hands are the devils tools
You must want something
You must need something
You must want something good
Go on and get that good
Go on and get it
I’m not vicious but I’m picking on you
You must want something
Track Name: Pariah
Don’t hate me
Now that you know who to blame
Sounds risky
You never could catch a break

They want asylum from your stupidity
They want the tide to come wash your winnings

Fall swiftly down from the branches of grace
Die empty
All of the good will is drained

They want to siphon your soul completely
They want the bile to come up on TV

If they take you alive
You’ll be tried on air at 8 at night

You’ll get up and fall asleep in a different world
Plastered on the street by an angry god
Look unflattering if you care to look
Accosted verbally until they bleed everything from you

Poor me I’m such a goddamn rolly polly bitch
So sorry take my life and we’ll get on with it
But they crow “he’s a witch,
Xylophone with no pitch”
But you know we’re not so different
Thats exactly why you’re scared to get up to fall asleep
Junk parts sold for cheap
Now so obsolete
Forever be discreet
Until they bleed everything from you
Track Name: Peripheral Visions
I’m feeling the pressure
Beginning to fold
And if it breaks me I don’t know how I get up

A pretty good guess
It will or it won’t
Everything’s changing
I don’t know what I don’t know

I’m seeing through dry eyes
A vision assault
And when I check it I’m in shock back to the womb
Hey they’re coming in the thick of the calm
They’re coming around us like there’s an army moving in

Give me the jist
Save me the time
I don’t care
While we’re on the subject why not take the fall?
You’re on my side why not take the fall?
Track Name: Made You Look
Everything is so do or die
There’s no difference between what I want
And the things that I have to do

Every day is an all out war
Why’d I think that I could quell it all

Every minute is a day gone by
Every picture is a place to hide
Every digit is a hand held high
Why’d I think that I could hold my own
I didn’t pick and now I have to

X-ray vision of a neon sign
Quick precision in a space too wide
Now she’s thinking I’m so uptight
Walk it back into a war of words
Point it out I guess I made you look
Track Name: Pretty In An Awful Way
How did you happen to know my school?
You’ve been watching me fly searchlights around the moon
We don’t eat among our peers
I could never find someone for me

Lately I’ve been finding myself feeling pretty in an awful way
Right about the time I sign on
I see the pores aglow and I don’t know if its the wrong way to cope
Is this the wrong way to cope?
How should I know?

How did you ask and blow my cool?
No one sees me like you almost do
If we just give it all this year
We might finally find some time to sleep

Lately I’ve been finding myself feeling pretty in an awful way
Right about the time I sign on
Like a house on fire I’m feeling pretty in an awful way
Like a five and dime I’m here when you want a change from what you have at home
Track Name: Lionshare
We were mistaken as friends
When we first met
As long as we kept
Up with the changing times
You’re a thrill ride
But I don’t feel afraid

I’m taking a walk
Vines of street chalk
Trail my gait
You do realize
That no I can’t sigh
If I don’t feel at ease

Every high road bears the lion’s share of the work
There’s not gonna be some fanfare for you
Because now they’re looking away

There were two different guys
In the span of a nighttime
On my watch
No I can’t be your bunt
I feel like a runt
Because I so want to be big

Do you see the signs?
Lay it all on the line
Put your money on me
And then you will see
That every guy that you want
Feels like a lock
Acts like a cop
Ready or not
Its on

You know I will fight the one thing I can’t change

Now they’re looking your way
Track Name: Arrowhead
Blind the beast
And skin his hyde
Use every piece
Don’t waste an eye
I'd give anything
To finally see
With naked eyes
The possum swing
The upward slide
Dreadful things

Follow me through vectored lines
Find the thing thats on your mind
Sight unseen its always right

Don’t run for cover
Even if you can

Blind the beast
And skin his hyde
Use every piece
Don’t wasted an eye
Stop to think to save his life

I’m an arrowhead
Track Name: Flypaper
The anthem of the sorry
We humbly repent
There’s someone in the audience that knows I’m full of shit
I know some of its lazy and then some of its fair
And the two get stuck together every time

You ever talk to Polly?
She’s always such a dear
She has a way of saying things
So earnest and sincere
Public speaking is the way to success
Yeah the two get stuck together every time

We’re not moving in a sane direction
I was the fool to think lots of people won’t ask why

The devil isn’t sorry
His crocodile tears
Turn Elmo into Stalin
Grover into Blair
And then its
Murder Murder
Its the only thing fair
Yeah the two get stuck together every time
Track Name: Strange Tongue
Don’t beat around it
For too long
Or I won’t be the first to know

Intensify it
Keeping all my vitals up
They’ve been sleeping since the age of one
Now we’re speaking in a strange tongue

You criticize me
No halo
Leave me with a busted harp

You can’t deny me
You’re too slow
Basking in the Revel’s glow

You’ve been cheating since you fell in love

Someone mixed the letters up
And buried the rosetta stone
Track Name: Leviathan
I’m still shaking off my dreams of you
The buzzing in my head
Saw your status
Ignore me
Lonely world
I’m a dick

You know I hope this blows over
Your love I don’t get
It seems at odds

If I don’t take up an offering from you
You’ll bloody up my street
Coming down on your conscience
I only lied just a bit
You know I’m afraid of flaws

Here in the sun
Never enough
You had the chance to say all that you wanted
Now I’m a one man show
Better than being alone

You know that I won’t get up
I’ll just pull you down
You have a right to fear
I won’t feel anything
Track Name: All Smiles
Here we are again
Auld Lang Syne
Another closer
Waiting on the end
As our lives keep growing closer
Maybe now you’ll bend
Just one look
And then its over

Shouldn’t be sad all the time
Shouldn’t be wandering

Blinky you’re a friend
But I hope I’m something other
Maybe we could blend
Both our lives and all our mothers and brothers
History pretends to tell time then supernova